a dog lying on a bed

Pet Policy

We are delighted to have you and your animal as our guests! To ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests and staff, we appreciate your compliance of the following rules:

1. Guest is solely responsible for the maintenance of their animal and will not to permit their animal to interfere with others’ use and enjoyment of the premises or to cause a nuisance.

2. Guest will keep their animal under control at all times and leashed when outside their room, unless wearing a leash would interfere with a service animal’s ability to perform a task.

3. Guest understands and agrees that unreasonable amounts of barking/noise, excessive smells, unattended animal waste and any acts of aggression by their animal may unreasonably interfere with other guests’ use and enjoyment of the premises and may constitute a nuisance. Guest is responsible for preventing and immediately correcting any such disturbance.

4. Guest will promptly clean up after their animal and will fully dispose of its waste.

5. Guest will ensure their animal wears an identification tag at all times while on the premises.

6. Guest will not leave their pet unattended in public areas or inside their room.

7. Guest will immediately notify the front desk of any damage or accident caused by the animal so we may try to prevent any permanent damage. Guest will immediately pay for any damage, loss, or expense caused by their animal, including for cleaning, treatments and repairs. These amounts may be charged to the guest’s credit card.

8. Please contact the Housekeeping Department to arrange a convenient time to service your room; you must be present when your room is serviced if your animal is in the room at time of housekeeping service.

9. Pets are subject to a $150, one time non-refundable cleaning fee that will be applied to your hotel room folio to prepare your room for our next guest.